Emergency exits

Emergency exit with hydraulic system (D400)


Emergency exit with hydraulic system ensure a safe and quick escape route. For road lanes, side strips of roads and parking areas approved for all types of road vehicles.

Fact sheet

Fact sheet

Tender text

Tender text



Frame and cover made of steel hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel


- Handling with an emergency push button or a hand valve
- Surface to choose
- Water-proof surface
- Hinge
- Hydraulic as opening aid
- Automatic security closing


- Heat and noise insulation
- Fire protection from below and/or above
- Integrated fall protection
- Increased solidity requirements
- Acoustical and/or visual signal
- Pressure accumulator activated by hand
- Regulation with emergency supply

Capacity load

From A15 to F900 (EN124)



Light shaft dimensions (cm)

Load capacity (EN124)

Weight unfilled (in kg)

Hydr. Emergency exit
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